The Beauty of Chinese Character 中文之美 [part 2/3]

There are uncountable aspect which apply the Chinese pattern such as Chinese architectural, Chinese handcraft, Chinese plastic and graphic art, Chinese living arts, Chinese performing arts and lots more~~~

There really have bunch of things for me to write about, but I i think it's better to picked some major and my favorite patterns to share with you.

1.) Chinese painting
2.) Chinese calligraphy
3.) Willow pattern
4.) Paper-cutting
5.) Seal and stamp

I deeply in love with the 5 patterns stated above, they are a culture, a heritage from the beauty of Chinese culture where these patterns are highly capable to combine together with current fashion world.

Chinese Painting
It have a history to be trace back for thousands of years, mainly divide into 'patterns' or 'designs' to complete a painting where it focus on the usage of brush stroke which make the finish art work more towards abstract art.

Besides, landscapes is the most common painting theme, follow by birds, flowers, bamboo and so on~~~


The finish art work could always fully present the exquisite beauty of the patterns to mass public which attract and generated a unique interest from a lot of western countries.

Actually, Chinese painting, calligraphy and poetry is closely bound up because a traditional painting, can also be called "native painting" (国画),  completed with the use of calligraphy in Chinese poetry to express out the feeling, inspiration and atmosphere of the artist at that special moment.

Below is an example of the painting with stamp, poetry and calligraphy :

*Stamp - normally is the artist name
*Poetry in calligraphy writing
for this part, i will further elaborate in part 3.

And this paintings will most likely to appear in collected work, walls, buildings, pottery etc. Until today, we still have the chance to see the most influential and attracting historic site and antique in China.

In the context of traditional painting, there are 2 different techniques called :

1.) Meticulous (工笔) - court style
2.) Freehand (水墨)   - freehand style

I personally like the technique from freehand style and I think it can be imply into fashion design and bring out the 2 main aspect :

1.) Simplicity
2.) Harmony

Current fashion design or labels had slowly move towards globalization, it have to form a connection with peoples around the world who come from different culture background. So, if a piece of design is able to be more universally and simple, it is more likely to be able to express the design essence.

I forecast the Chinese culture with these elements will be a major force in the near future...

Below are some of the famous paintings with portraits, animals and flowers :

For example, Fashion = 时尚 in Chinese, a gorgeous Chinese character which I think would be totally WOW if it combine with calligraphy, some patterns and mix with current western trend colour - 'Nude' colour and it will surely be transform into a piece of art.....♥

Before I created my own collection, I would like first introduce a fashion designer from China : ZHENG LUO
- Chief designer for OMNIALUO
- Established in 1996.
- Brand Image : Neo-classicalism with elegance and romance.
- Mainly made from natural fabrics such as cotton, flax and wool.

Below are her works from different seasons which I personally admire how she uses Chinese pattern to create variation on clothing and the combination of Chinese pattern and modernity.

Omnialuo Spring 2009 runway show, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

We could see her works above where she had use Chinese flora texture on dresses, accessories, be continued for part 3 ^^ ♥

The Beauty of Chinese Character 中文之美

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