The Beauty of Chinese Character 中文之美 [part 3/3]

a unique oriental art with spiritual hand writing to express the art of inheritance. It is related to the medium of form, presentation of the hand writings, ways of handle the brush, hand writing style and so on.

It conveyed the important part of Chinese Culture such as character, moral, culture, beauty and so on through the tools which are brush, paper, ink or inkstick, and inkstone - known as the "Four treasures of the study" (文房四宝)

Below are pictures which are related to calligraphy :

Calligraphy Writing Style

"Four treasures of the study" (文房四宝)

Chinese painting (4 seasons)

Willow pattern also known as "blue willow", it is very unique and well-elaborated pattern used on ceramic kitchenware/housewares. The background colour is always white, match with some traditional Chinese graphic on it.

Blue Willow

Haha, this time I would like to introduce another person, a product designer and illustrator called Dorothy Tang from Hong Kong.

Although she isn't in the fashion design field, but her art work had grab the attention of many fashion labels and been invited to collaborate fashion with its "willow".

She used the traditional concept of willow on pottery and re-design become a design which able to present on different platform.

This is a refreshing and daring attempt, but at the same time this had prove her right that her work had fully convey it's aesthetic. Her work is just awesome!!!

Below are some of the pictures related to her :

Willow appear on B@arbrick

Collaborate with Adidas

Dorothy Tang made this customised furniture for adidas,
display at the world’s largest adidas Brand Center in Beijing,

Collaborate with Epson

Collaborate with Lomo

I deeply believe in my heart that Chinese pattern have a lot of possibilities embed inside where each and every possible changes will bring another "WOW" to the fashion world.

one of the historic "art" which was very popular in the TANG Dynasty and SONG Dynasty.

The main purpose of it is to be used as decoration like on the door, window, wall etc~~that is why it have another name called the "flower of window" (窗花).

Paper-cut divided into 2 categories, one if the "basic" cut which will appear as single image we see, another one is the "symmetrical*" cut which will become a symmetrical image.

(*folding over a piece of paper then cutting the shape out, when unfolded, it will become a symmetrical design.)

Mostly the design pattern would be :

1.) Symbols
2.) Chinese character
3.) Flowers etc
4.) Animals(12 Chinese zodiac is the most popularize among all)

12 Chinese Zodiac Paper Cutting

Flower and Bird

Portrait Paper Cutting

Crane Paper Cutting

Phoenix Paper Cutting

It is a very interesting skill which need a lot of practice to master it, a channel to express Chinese culture in various meaning and decoration impact. I think it can serve as an element together with modernism in creating a whole new "taste" in fashion.

before continue, let you see my face in paper cutting~~~haha, can you find me? ^.^

Seal and Stamp
Lastly, the Chinese pattern I like is the seal & stamp. It is a tool to identify a person in ancient time, just like how we sign our document, sign our cheque, sign our name when we finish a long as it require any identity acknowledgment.( : p just like how I end my post)

Currently there are still people using it but they had mix with hand signature like some Asian country - China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc

Chinese seal and paste

Meaning of the words in seal : "The beauty of Chinese character" : p

Different styles of Seal Carving

who like to have their own Chinese stamp?for my friends~~
can leave a message here with your name or nickname you like,
I can translate and create for you ^^ ♥

The Beauty of Chinese Character 中文之美

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