The Beauty of Chinese Character 中文之美 [part 1/3]

Chinese Character - a knowledge of beauty.

Every single strokes or pieces in the character, can be split and combine with each others.
And become another character with unique meaning.

Through 4 different pronunciations (汉语拼音), once again the meaning will be different.

From the past till now, Chinese characters have been evolving, from the traditional character, a more complex character structure called  繁体字 to simplified character  简体字.

Between the process, it had conceal a lot of history and revolution. A lot of countries do have peoples spoken in Chinese too such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China~~~

In the world of fashion, it is not hard to trace the sign of Chinese Characters. I believe there are many fashion trend setter who possess certain level of interest towards Chinese characters as it indeed is a fun thing to play with ^o^

For example, the famous international clothing chain company SHANGHAI TANG 上海滩 .

Founder                      : David Tang
From                          : Hong Kong,China
Founded                      :1994
Main fashion concept   : Unite, integrate, evolve and redefine the traditional HAN Chinese Clothing to the next modern and dynamic level. Used mainly bright colours to show us the stunning and unique side of Chinese Culture.

Furthermore, SHANGHAI TANG - 上海滩 itself had introduce the beauty of Chinese character to the world.

In every single aspect of Chinese culture, details is something we strongly emphasize on and make it be part of the virtue deep down inside us where SHANGHAI TANG's design concept and brand image had hold tight to the perfection of details~~~the beauty of details.

Shanghai Tang SS 2010 Collection Preview in Hong Kong

or go to the link below for the fashion show :
enjoy >.<

SHANGHAI TANG S/S 2010 "Love Restraint"

I ♥ Chinese writings,and glad to have the opportunity learning it. Here, I would like to share 4 phrases I love the most because of the character structure and the most important is the meaning behind it :

1.) 细节 - Details

2.) 态度 - Attitude

3.) 中庸 - Mean

4.) 简约美 - Beauty of Minimalistic

As mention previously, from SHANGHAI TANG's fashion line, it had tells us the beauty of details in every single cloth.

Below are my favorite pieces of SHANGHAI TANG S/S 2010 collection which I think they had done a great job on details :

Lets talk about the meaning of this 4 Chinese phrases in my point of view :

What is details? In my opinion : 
"Details is what we have to try to understand everything deeply with our heart, been able to grasp the essence of everything, and try the very best to make it perfection"

In current fashion world, I believe KARL LAGERFELD had succeed in details where everyone do agree with. He always strictly control over the details by himself, try to assure every fashion piece is a perfect master piece.

No matter which field you are in, it is a must for those who are in a fast pace fashion world.
If you possess serious and motivated attitude in your design, in your fashion styling or everything in your life, you had already half way through your success.

"Mean" is a path of learning. To find the balancing point in between, hold the scales even in every matter.

This doesn't mean the design must be mean.

What I mean is the learning attitude of the designer. A designer itself must be mean, not just been able to accept praise, but must have the will to accept critics and create space for yourself to improve.

"Not every person in this world will give you applause"
when some one love your design, at the same time, there will be people who dislike.

accept, filter, analyze, learn and improve~~~

Design have conceal of various style and unlimited possibilities in it. Some may be towards complexity, but some may be the other way.

Minimalistic yet comfortable and refreshing is something I has been advocate in design concept.

In the fashion world, I think that Stella McCartney works had fully present the beauty of minimalistic. From her design, we could always noticed the sleek lines and cutting without much fancy elements.

Below are my favorite pieces which I think they had done a great job on the beauty of minimalistic :

Stella McCartney Summer 2010 collection

Stella McCartney Spring 2010 collection 

Of course there are some other "Frugalista*" brands which do well in minimalistic such as MUJI and UNIQLO.

*explain by Grant Barrett : A person who lives in frugal lifestyle but stays fashionable and healthy by swapping clothes, buying secondhand, growing own produce, etc.

For me, this 4 Chinese phrases play an important role in design and fashion :

A piece of good design can only be classified as beautiful, the most crucial thing to have in great design is whether there are your spirit within the design, can people "feel" your design?

Haha  : p ~~ in my own forecast, the beauty of Chinese character will slowly hook up with "fashion".
For example, some Chinese patterns such as character, willow pattern, calligraphy, paintings and etc can appear on top of a simple T-shirt.

I believe merging the patterns into fashion design should be a fashion focus we shouldn't neglected.

^o^ hehe, lets see if we could "peep" some little "beauty of Chinese character" in the future of fashion design~~~

ha-ha, to be continued with details on part II about Chinese Patterns ^^ bb ♥

The Beauty of Chinese Character 中文之美

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