Cross beauty between Pink and Yellow

In my past opinion, I think Pink and Grey make up one of the best colour combination, it wouldn't be too "Girlish", it's neutral, and yet stylish.

Portion peoples who comply with traditional mindset would be avoiding the combination between 2 light colours in clothing, except on some of the BIG brand's fashion show which used it frequently to create visual stimulation. with good design of course ^^ or fashionista who from the tip of fashion world.

How often do you walk to the street in a simple and casual look had tried the combination of Grey, Pink and Yellow?


 Tanaka Miho Magazine Shoot

photo via : Mina June 2010

I just noticed the stunning combination which brings out by a Japan magazine latest shoot on my favorite model Tanaka Miho. The important point is that the shoot is a casual look for us.

It had inspire me a lot on the colour usage and combination possibilities, So I created a look using Polyvore as reference :

Besides, I had noticed another example from Vera Wang's new perfume called "Princess".
The packaging and visual had used the combination to bring out the "Attitude" and "Natural" ~~~

Vera Wang - Princess

Overall, the colours above had created another possibilities to appear in casual, simple look--a look which can wear daily by us.

from the Japan magazine to Vera Wang perfume packaging/visual, the colour combination may serve as our reference to wear out our style for this S/S 2010  : )

just a little suggestion for us to wear in the street ~~ ^o^

*check out the commercial of Vera Wang Princess. Enjoy...

for more information, can go to Vera Wang Website

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