Another Fashion Story

In the past few years, driven by the desire to stay at the front line of stiff fashion world, my bank account "cash in, cash out, cash go" easily with the help of ATM >.<" Even my credit card had over the limit for 3 times.

Eventually end up in buying a lot of stuff, new fashion stuff which does not even fit myself.

Every time the buying ends~~back to home~~the shopping adrenaline goes down~~there goes the "regret", why I buy this, why I buy that?

This happen based on one word - IMPULSIVE!

Powerful, dynamic, eye catching and unavoidable advertisements, along with how they dress up the super model, fabulous stylist and "flawless" editing had created a limitless new visual stimulation to my nerve where all the information get to my nerve is "buy, buy, buy, you need it, buy, just buy................."

And of course,
I fall into it, again.
I bought it, again.again and again....

After i went through so much of "fashion stimulation"~~~
don't know when, where or how~~~
I slowly reconstructed "What Is Fashion" from mid 2009 till now~~
because of the stimulation?maybe~~

Then, i started to approach more and more fashoin media
(this include my super addicted polyvore website :

Read more and more fashion magazine etc
blog, for me, is a place which can truly express the fashion in my soul

I kept thinking, when the great fashion legend - Alexander McQueen leaved us, is the "Fashion" stooped?or...
I think Fashion will still keep moving and evolve without a single pause.
I understand
and curious : how does other peoples around the world define fashion?

why everyone dress up differently?
why people put an equal sign between Marilyn Monroe and sexy?
why him or her does not know how to mix and match?
why Levi's become the unbeatable brand in jeans?
why Coco Channel can went through such a splendid life?
why New York, Paris, Japan, Hong Kong kept been nominated as the fashion city?
why Rei Kawakubo can be so creative in fashion design?
Is fashion show really that good to watch?


a lot of questions, I wish to seek for answer, to understand.

just simply because I love fashion~~~

I wouldn't dare to promise myself that one day I could stand at the tip of fashion world or when can I get noticed.

In fact, fashion is just a simple matter which can belong to you.

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