"Muse", the word have several meanings, but in the fashion world, it can be define as "spirits who inspire the creation"

LADY GAGA has been my "LADY MUSE" in fashion design.

I see her as my muse not because purely on her outstanding clothing, song creation, words and actions, but because of her creativeness, daring to try, try things that no one had reach before and create endless changes on her look.

No matter it is in the fashion trend or music industry, she could always find her own way to show herself. I agree that there are certain peoples who have opinions/critics towards her public image and songs simply because "Not every person in this world must give applause to another".

Looking at Lady Gaga, I seem like looking at the solid term for Fashion which should be like her, daring, creative, endless changes and create unlimited possibilities. FASHION should be this way...

The awesome Lady Gaga public images are always well-known and get stick to the words "Scary and Beautiful". She could show her self in front of the public in different, futuristic and daring style --- "bug eye",  "YSL/Hermes tote bags" and "wigs".

Lady Gaga with sunglasses

Lady Gaga with tote bags

Lady Gaga with wigs

Even if she wear out with a big elegant dress, the trendy attitude is still in her. For example, in one of my favorite MTV - Bad Romance. With the style created by Alexander McQueen, a British Fashion Designer, he had totally bring out soul of the song.
(me, myself idolize ♥ the MTV ^,^ , from the concept, editing, overall, everything is done in style)

When an innovative artist who tend to set her own trend had met with an unconstrained designer who seek for style with no boundary, this is where the stunning visual effect was born.

In the MTV, Lady Gaga wears the "Lobster-claw" shaped "Armadillo" heels from Alexander McQueen.

Lady Gaga with Armadillo Shoes(Bad Romance MTV)

Bad Romance MTV


Indeed it is not an ordinary heels, people like us probably wouldn't have chance to wear it.(even if we did, i think i might use my face to hit the floor ><") But Lady Gaga had wear the so called " Killing heels" and show us the unique side of it.

Alexander McQueen is one of a fashion designer I admire and respect. His unlimited design concept had came up with the unconventional design in every season. Looking at his design from each and every season had gain a lot of inspiration...

Talented Alexander McQueen had shaped the charisma of Lady Gaga, as if he is the exclusive designer for her.

It is glad to have this fashion creator in the fashion world. His unconventional design surprise us. Looking at his design, it is as he is trying to tell us :

"Everyone who love fashion, you must think out-of-the box"

No matter design, trend or clothing itself, there are unlimited possibilities lay underneath.

Not every person have their muse. But fashion itself except creating, innovating, renovating~~~isn't it a thing we respect and learn from each other?

I respect every trend, respect every design style~~~deeply respect to all the dedicated fashion designers who never give up and constantly contribute to fashion.

Design, trend~~~just like that, never stop learning, never stop admiring~~

Please be your own muse for the fashion. I had been my own muse and willing to learn from others.

Here is the performance by Lady Gaga at Brit Awards "Tribute to Alexander McQueen".....Enjoy♥

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