S/S 2010

Undoubtedly, bright colour had always been the main colour such as Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue~~
including this season.

Besides, Floral print, Silk, Chiffon also take up an important part in design and material usage.

In my opinion, this season had appear something special other than White along with some unique elements.

One of the elements that caught my interest is the Nude colour, especially the collection from Stella McCartney which totally catches the audience attention. With her sharp and unique way of bringing out the minimalistic style to a different stage, she created the "Attitude" out of the "Simple" for us in the reality world we live in.

Nude + Peach in her hand had create unlimited possibilities freely among them. With a simple touch of lace on top of them, she had write down a whole new page for the beauty of minimalistic.

Except that, ice-cream colour allowed them to play with the cutting and created their own.eye-catching cutting.

Furthermore, we could notice huge amount of light colours in Louis Vuitton collection. Model had "bomb ^^" my eye with their hair style and make-up. What shock me the most is the huge rucksack bags and the sandals.
I love them. : )

LV Huge Rucksack Bags

LV Sandal
photos via : vogue.co.uk

Of course, other than cloth, accessories, hair style~~~the shoes is also one of the focus. This season had turn to be the season for Clogs. An awesome shoes where we could see it from Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

what had you bough in this SS?

- A Nude + Peach colour dress/jumpsuit? Can have a look at Stella McCartney collection.
- If you want to look little bit more elegant, maybe can consider Trench Coat from Burberry.

and walk out with the Clogs from Louis Vuitton.

I created a look using Polyvore as reference : 

You want to be an "IT"(Inevitable) girl? You may need to look for your elegant and trendy style in exchange with the high price.

If you feel  it's hard to follow the fast pace of "IT" girl, maybe fashion shows can serve as a reference and clue for you to seek for the most "BE YOURSELF" trend and style which belongs to you.

~~ Individuality is the most important ~~

*maybe it is a bit late to have this topic, but I still hope to share my view ^^

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