Short Hair in Trend + Forecast ♥

After having the dress, plaid, Nautica stripped and jumpsuit ready, have you think of changing your hairstyle?

A lot of great hairstyles had emerge in the runway, but among them, a short hairstyle would suit the best in this summer.

Let see some popular hairstyles in fashion world.


Carey Mulligan - Straight and Textured

Keira Knightley -- Straight and Textured

Lauren Conrad - Faux Bob

Naomi Watts - Sleek Strands

Jennifer Aniston - Pony with Side-Swept Bangs

Mila Kunis - Long Curl

Zoe Saldna - Side Braid

Have a look on how others turn into sweet and trendy hairstyle.


Classic Bob

Classic Bob - Loose Straight Textured (My favourite♥)

Loose Bob (relaxing)

Modern Bob+bit curl

Loose Curl

Classic Waves

Side Braid


Jang Nara - Classic Bob

Chae Rim - Classic Bob (Loose Straight Textured)

Face Framing with Side-Swept Bangs

Both Side Braid - Loose Waves

Short Hair is definitely the current trend focus.
Maybe consider to have a nice hairdos to complete your summer from all the hairstyles above as references + my little tips below ^^

Little tips - Hair Dyed Colour
1.) Light brown can create a warm-toned look.

2.)Dark Brown :

Short Hair - Cool

Long Hair - Nature Tone

3.)Nature Red :

Short Hair - Refreshing (Emma Stone)

 Long Hair - Sexy
source :

*My little forecast of hair dyed colour for the near future is "Greyish Blue" and "Greyish Purple".
it's a hit on my little forecast in Prabal Gurung F/W 2011 collection too♥

I will give my hair a try next month ^^
will upload once i dyed ♥

Next post we will discuss about how head accessories can add a touch of perfection for this summer and how to mix and match in styling.♥

You have the hair style, how to complete it?
Read more at Hair Accessories in Yellow♥

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