Fashion Oxygen - Yes & No for Bug Eye Sunglasses

Bug-Eye Sunglasses?

It had been favourites for some celebrities which include Kate Moss, Beyonce, Ocean Twins, Angelina Jolie etc...
Where it cover half of your face and gains it's name as the lens look like a bug's eye. O_O

Ocean Twins

Angelina Jolie


Kate Moss

Round Shape

Diamond Shape

Round and Diamond shaped face aren't suitable for this type of sunglasses.

Round shape - Will looks like your face had "separated" from your sunglasses and looks even rounder.
Diamond shape - Will make your face looks "sharper".

Square Shape

Oval Shape ^.^

On the other hand, squared face is more suitable for big lens sunglasses as it works like a "covering" effect to your face.

For those with gifted oval shaped~~~Congratulation! Bug-Eye seem to be a perfect creation just for you ^^

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