Flawless Flats

"I'd rather die than wear flats" --- Lady Gaga

Haha, it seems like very scary...But for me, why not give it a try? XD

Flats ~ An elegant shoes in a new style. Not only comfortable, but allow you to reflect another side of intellectual beauty.

Maybe you can try to free your feet from high heels and relax in this summer.

Although flats may not be as feminine as high heel, but it definitely make you feel more comfortable, looks cute and casual through various types of flats.

Lets have a little inspiration from some celebrities...
Flats are cool with a skinny jeans, adorable with dresses and skirts too ^^.

Kate Moss

Rachel Bilson

Jessica Alba

Reese Witherspoon

Thinking of Audrey Hepburn where she wears flats in the movie "Funny Face", she seems like a graceful butterfly, dancing around the flowers...gorgeous and classic...

Besides, GAP commercial had featured her style of wearing the cropped pants with black flats, simply retro and sensational!

Little Tips ^^
If height is the reason you would rather die than wearing this marvelous footwear, maybe you can try :

- Match with top and skinny jeans + Over-sized bag + Ray-Ban
   = ♥ Cool Chic and could make you "look" taller.


- Match with a dress where the dress's length reached 10cm-15cm above your knees + Bangle to make your overall "look" slimmer
   = ♥ Feminine + Relaxing

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