FOREVER 21 + Brian Lichtenburg

FOREVER 21, an exciting brand which always make it's audience look forward for the latest news and browsing through the latest collection.

Lately, FOREVER 21 had launched a designer collaboration line with as a Los Angeles-based fashion designer - Brian Lichtenberg, the first designer for this fabulous collection.

Maybe some of us still not sure who he is, but try to check the Lady Gaga "Telephone" MTV where she wears the caution tape costume, it is his piece of work.

He will be designing a series of FOREVER 21 graphic T-shirts and tank top.

Below is one of a tank top from the FOREVER 21 series which started available around mid August.

Truly is a LA-based fashion designer, design seems more daring and creative~~

This piece rock!LOVE how he modify the caution tape graphic and apply on casual wear... So, will you buy it?^^

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