The Magic of White

Yesterday was a happy ending for my little brother's wedding ^^

Wish they could overcome everything in their life, share happiness and live happily ever after~~

Hehe, below are one of their wedding photo and also my favourite XD

They looks lovely ^.^*

As I am still in the wedding mood, I would like to introduce Tiiu Kuik, an Estonian Model.

She had an extremely sexy and non-conservative white wedding gown photo shoot by Pancho Saula's Michelle Ferrara where it's published in Vogue Spain.

I think she looks even amazing in these photo compare with others of her shooting.

This astonishing and attractive wedding gown was styled by Marina Gallo.

In my opinion, if the magazine cover isn't crowded by too many words, the visual would be much better.

Although there are a lot of colours for wedding gown, but I think white is the only colour which can represent the spirit of wedding~~ Purity, Happiness and Love ♥

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