The Rising of Homeless Chic

Fashion truly is everywhere~~~

Spotted by a citizen from NingBo, China. A handsome Chinese "Vagrant" walking along the roadside with model-posed had successfully draws the public's attention.

His news is like a wild fire spreading through the internet and gained a high level of popularity...Which had attract others major media to cover his news included "The Independent" from UK.

His style is very relaxing and casual with multi-layer of coat and leather jacket. A vagrant in style who is rising fast among the China community + Spread to the world and get his title as a fashionista, called "Beggar Prime" or "Hand-Some-Vagabond"~~ but mostly called him "Brother Sharp".

Brother Sharp In His Style

Not bad looking + Street Casual wear + Bohemian Feel = Win millions and millions of fans on the internet.

But, the most important is that his "unintentional" fashion style seem a little bit similar to Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2010 skiing series.

After a close look, it's quite similar >_<"

Some creative internet users even had photoshoped him into several style with stunning outcome, he truly have some of the essence from Japanese street casual mix and match spirit, how do you think?

This picture had shown he can actually fit into the runway ^^ , maybe?

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