Black Sun by Simon Henwood + Fannie Schiavoni

"Black Sun" exhibition held at DIESEL Art Gallery, Shibuya which featured Simon Henwood and Fannie Schiavoni to celebrate its grand opening and "Black Sun" book release.

Simon Henwood well-known for his creative direction costumes for Rihanna and Kanye West and Fannie Schiavoni is a jewelry designer who backey by popular celebrities like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

They stated if people keep stay at home and looking the computer screen, they will have no chance to experience the beauty of nature such as heat of sun, changes of temperature, wind blowing and etc.

Henwood said we are feel differently from the source we directly communicate with. He thought that we need to experience life where things are really happening.

It's not only a book release, but also showcase this fantastic exhibition which highlighted shadow-concept chain dress, black sun, 3D crystal planet, original jeans, illustration, painting and photograph.

Two artists: "Black Sun should teach us to remember the beauty of nature which are already here for us. Anything we can create has been done far better in nature already."

Nature beauty and unique creation are everywhere, even in a small particle like sand.

The second edition of this project is currently on planning stage, there will be more artists and musicians involve in it!

Stay tuned for this inspiring nature, art and fashion-related activity♥

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