Kimono Fusion by Shojono Tomo

The creative socks-inspired wedding on the street by Shojono Tomo, still fresh in your mind?

She uses many vibrant colours, patchworks, funky illustrations and quirky details in her design.
I always admire her daring and creative artworks..
they give me fun sand playful inspirations.
Like I say, fashion doesn't exists only on the runway, it could be happen at everywhere.

for Age 3

for Age 5

for Age 7

Kimono Fusion exhibition by Shojono Tomo held in Stockholm.
"Child Age 753" is the main theme which represented the time to celebrate the growth of children.


3-years-old means a symbol of creativity.
5-years-old means wisdom and...
7-years-old means thanks God for receive teeth to eat.

Kimono also sewing in rectangular and straight patterns, it's easily to re-size it for years♥
the lovely ruffles on the sleeve-sided, bow, lace-trimmed..

gonna make one piece for myself too^^

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