leo... leopard prints hours

Read some articles recently, it's about one of my favourite blogger, Style Bubble ...
She stated doesn't blog mainly for money..etc about her views towards blogging.

"she should get money and use it to fix her teeth."
"if she don't want to earn money with her website, then can i have her website?" ... bla bla bla
it's okay to write your comments there..
not everyone will give you a round of applause with what you done.

every blogger have their own goals to reach, and I believe that Style Bubble is a great website which introduces and provides very personal point of view towards fashion.

I have a dream too.
I wish to be a fashion designer who could contribute to this fantastic fashion world and my pieces could run through to Japan Fashion Week/TGC..it's my ultimate goal.

what i think about blogging?.. it's one of the path to present my very own opinions, styling and fashion updates.

For me, the content of it, is another way to show what's mind you are and who you wanna be.

Leo..Leopard prints is always grab my attention.
Love its accessibility and wildness.
actually it makes me feel excited when wear it for the mix and match.
this sequin leopard prints I get from a lovely store when I travel to Japan, it's warm and edgy.
and I really obsessed with the leo..leopard ways.. sequin-able in velvet♥

sequin-velvet leopard prints blouse from Fumiko Kawa; lace sleeve-blouse from Japan; black tube from Taiwan; grey ripped jeans-shorts from Pull and Bear; shoulder bag from Japan; fedora from Japan; black pearl ring from Forever 21; boots from Japan

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