Yoruko Banzai

I might not aware all of the fashion branded in this wonderful world.
I am just a girl who like to drink bubble tea and work hard with my fashion designer's dream.

But, I would like to know bit and little more creative and great design pieces always.

The value of a design is not about its popularity, prices or material uses...
the most crucial which we need to get to know about the design is the efforts of the designer.
A great design is always worth to be appreciate.

When I first saw this "tiger back-sided" jacket by a evolving brand, Yoruko Banzai.. I know... yes I know...
it takes my heart away♥

tiger face doll at the back side is immediately caught my eyes, and the ruffles-trimmed is well sewing at the edge of the jacket, pretty cool.

red + blue, like I say... it's kind of weird match, but it could be amazed you when in the mix and match of everytime.
Make you stunning among the all when you wear this jacket on the street too... 

Yoruko Banzai, more creative pieces from his brain juice soon.. :)

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