a fashionable prayer to Japan

I always think that we are so so lucky to live in this wonderful world..
with so much of beautiful natural creatures, beautiful people, kinds of culture and the most important...
we could experience all of it with our emotion and heartbeat.

Appreciate that one of my favourite band is sending their love to Japan through the power of music.
Like I said.. music is one of the crucial things which could work well together in fashion.
The Black Eyed Peas showcased a song named "Just can't get enough" with a warm message which wrote..
'..Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people of Japan. We love you...'

the music video is filmed at Tokyo a week before earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
the band hopes to raise awareness among public and urge them to give their little help to Japan via Red Cross.
I love what they doing, and for the lovely world we live at..
I always have a hope which is (excludes my fashion dream) hardly to have a dream comes true, maybe..
World Peace..
I love this world, I love Japan, I love fashion in Japan..
it become one of my fashion bread which I need it for everyday in my life.
for Japan, for music, for fashion and for the world!
those who think the same with me.. you could give your little love to Japan..
here is the 6 great ways to help Japan♥

I would extended my condolences towards what's happening in Japan.
Just be strong, we all are here for you! 

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