clothes which could not put on

How do you define an art which happening in the fashion? and
Do you ever think of wear the clothes which could not be wearing?

this is what Chisato Ishikawa have in her brain with the strong sense of uniqueness, creativity and lots of imagination.
she turned up to the path to become an artist in the fashion field, she created works by herself and using the same paper pattern in her artwork.

I like how she underlying the sense of fashion with the concept..
the combination sewing between the clothes tell us about how strong and closely connected between garments, and the art is all about the minds which shout out by the artist to the public.
which deconstruct the garments and reconfigure them with her own rules..
emphasized the relationship between garments and body when they are breaking the functionality they have..
to become an elegant object which creating the new values to us.

An exhibition named "Different Equipments" 「異装」 by Chisato Ishikawa held from 20th March 2011 until 10th April 2011.. and the venue is Fukagawa Bansho Gallery, Tokyo.

Do you ever think of the relationship between the clothes and you?
or ever doubt about it?

Chisato Ishikawa who is an artist and based in fashion design makes the new values of clothing, without stereotypes... with the form of art..
connecting between fashion and art, creating artwork which could awaken your thinking in fashion consumption and art..
rebuilding a more potential and creative thinking towards clothes and you.

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