Elle Homme Redesign

Minimalism with clean and stylish cut is the fashion elements which I love the most.
It could bring out the feel of architectures and lines with a way of remarkable simple.
I listen to my heart which screaming loudly that 'I want a minimalistic shirt with clean lines'..
so I redesign Elle Homme shirt to become fuminized♥, read more for details.

before fuminized

after fuminized

the shades of beige make me think that I am drowning in the sea of relaxing nature.
I want to redesign it with some simple cuts to stand out the layers with its comfortable fabrics which could wearing in every seasons.
Interrelation between lines-patterned fabric and artistic cuts make the overall looks interesting and I know that I am satisfied with this beautiful connection.

the one who could plays magically with the cuts always catch up my 101% of attention.. especially design from Alexander Wang and Phoebe Philo.
simple lines make every design goes to different possibilities that sometimes we couldn't imagine of.
and I fall in love with this unpredictable imagination.

things are really going to be busy than before, but I am glad that I could have a chance to be cooperate with some online magazine to write my fashion thought and expose to public..
currently I am writing for Luuk Magazine from Italy..
for the first writing there, I discussed about a skeleton-inspired design collection which I interested about more than the super skinny models on the runway.. take a look here♥

p.s: Glad that this post been chosen and featured at Links à la Mode: March 31st by IFB.

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