pure threads

On 11th March 2011, Japan faced a tragedy earthquake which makes someone lost their home, someone is still missing and what we could feel is a little of warm wishes from people around the world..
it's great to see the power of love when someone need you.

Alberta Ferretti collaborated with Emma Watson, an actress to introduce a limited collection named 'Pure Threads' which create a sporty, comfortable yet feminine pieces.
it's more looks like Emma's wardrobe, a lots of white and stylish floral elements which inspired from 70 s' vintage.
Collaboration focused on the raise awareness of environmental issue among public.
We love this world, and we don't want to see more natural disasters weaken us. I like the main concept of this collaboration, lace-embroidery accessorized, denim and ecological materials been well-used with casual yet fine designs.

proceeds will go for non-profit organization, People Tree which is the organization Emma Watson works with to produce low-impact clothing.
Emma Watson become a fashion icon and inspiration among the fashionista, I like how she contribute her design talents and make it real to the eco-fashion pieces.

Hermione is one of the unforgettable character we all love, and I even love more about how she work hard in the ecology issues and being part of fashion design world.

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