trend forecast: collage style

Colour combination of red and yellow make the overall looks sharp and eye-catching, especially used in commercial.
A previous advertisement of SHISEIDO successfully grab my little attention, and the kimono with floral-embroidered is the thing make my eyes can't blinking anymore.

the kimono hang up on a rack, and a bottle of moisturizing lotion emphasize at the central page..
I like how the advertisement stated that the great power of vintage which make the overall become effortless beautiful.
I found this when I scanning Elle Magazine in Chinese version, and here comes the inspiration of a collage mix and match styling dolls for this Spring.

besides that, a collage mix and match little fashion game not only an inspired activity which I playing, but a form of fashion trend that could be a strong storm in the coming days.
I like everything in collage form, it could make things look interesting and create kinds of possibilities with pretty images.
I could make collage with any fashion items which I love and create an inspirational illustration which make my happy days. I slowly to see types of media implemented this art form to create images which bring out the feel of pop art culture..

and the visual effect is pretty strong and fun, just like the enjoyment when we playing a cut-out fashion doll game.

here is the fashion style/colour which I get inspired from the SHISEIDO ad as above...
yellow match with green to create the Spring feel which a playful chic want to express her freedom and enjoyment in the pretty season.
and the orange match with pastel pink to create the sweetness of Spring which bring out the 'Little Princess' style that we love always.

braided hairstyle and diamond-accessorized nail art are the cup of tea you can't miss off in this season♥

To be chic with the colour blocking in this Spring..
or be chic in a trend-forecasting collage form!

p.s: thanks much for all the emails which sent by my lovely readers, as you all request, I would love to complete it one by one when I am started from this collage-style trend forecast.. hope you all like this project^^
I would love to make more collages which could be one of the inspiration for you all.. bb

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