circling with sparkles

Ferrero Rocher packaging box redesign

Having a Ferrero Rocher chocolate which with a golden wrapper, a good mood for everything in a day.
I love to eat chocolate, especially dark chocolate, melting with a bitter taste.. 

Ferrero Rocher packaging box

Ferrero Rocher packaging box <transparency>

redesign materials

cutting the rounded shape

seeking for more possibilities, a concept comes to my mind..
I want to redesign the packaging box of Ferrero Rocher to be a sequin-able necklace which will shines me on in a girly punk party.

circles tidbit

rings tidbit

link all the circles tidbit together with little rings

I cut-out all the circle-shaped from the packaging box, and tie-up all the circles together with the little metal rings..

lace for necklace's knot

necklace redesign completed

ribbon tie knot for necklace

close up for the redesign necklace

a bunch of circles tidbits are shaped like a rounded necklace, I used a yellowish lace to do the ribbon-tie which complete this redesign.

the circles tidbits which fluttering with both sides, and the surface of the necklace sometimes could be silver or golden..
it's interesting to wear^^  

yellow shirt from Uniqlo; layered polka dots tank from Japan; net tank from Taiwan; neon green skirts from my mum; 

gloves & socks from Japan; headband & vintage dogs-patterned ring from vintage store, Japan; 
rounded necklace from Fumiko Kawa Redesign; boots from Dr. Martens 

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