Isetan, Japan × Bunka Fashion College × SO-EN

An amazing collaboration between Isetan Japan, Bunka Fashion College and SO-EN magazine..
for Isetan with the celebration of 125 years..
planning to produce pieces which are well-designed with label of "Made in Japan"..

and ..
the students of Bunka Fashion College are able to get more practical experience to produce clothes..
and selling their work pieces at the Isetan.

The recruitment and progression schedule for this collaboration would be:-

1. Briefing around the applicants (buyer from Isetan) .... April 25

2. The design (with materials attached)
    Submit before the deadline: ... May 09

3. Screening results and would be announced ... May 11

4. Briefing with decision-makers and production team who work for the review ... May 12

5. Inspections and observations during work ... June 22

6. Submission of design work ... July 04

7. Design examination of works by the buyer.

8. Winners would be published at SO-EN magazine and Isetan, Japan's website. 

9. Winner works would be selling at Isetan store ... September 07

the design boards review currently been held at, there are 37 teams who submitted their work for Isetan.

and those decision-makers and production team are gathered for a meeting to discuss the entries of students, the development of works, details of purchasing and the price too. 

伊勢丹 × 装苑 × 文化服装学院 コラボ企画第2弾, details here♥

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