un-chinoiserie Happy Chinese New Year

don't y0u ever think that; why y0u came to this world?
I always wish to figure out all the ethic culture, roots and practices.
and the amazing-ness of being an Asian.

I practices traditional culture in my country, with my family.
parents and 2 brothers.
when I was a child, I totally can't feel any sense of belongings...
towards my life, religion, freedom, friends & family and love.
I thought that I am a weirdo to live in this world.

in my traditional cultural practice, today is the eve of Chinese New Year, and this is year of dragon.
you guys familiar with this festival?
I always said that every things happen around me are so excites me.

red colour always great for Chinese,
it symbolize the rich, power and lucky.
I like adding east elements into my design, I could interpret them in different angles.
east elements is not necessary to be so "east"..
and the west elements too.

Shanghai Tang and Mandarin&General do a great job in this, to present pieces which get a well balancing between east and west.
The pieces of Shanghai Tang are remain stylish, but y0u still can feel the touch of east elements in a new way.
and the pieces of Mandarin&General are sophisticated and urban in cutting.

Chinese-inspired design pieces are not only about the shiny fabrics, the chinoiserie texture or traditional decoration.
I think that beautiful Chinese would not really into 'China-doll-costumey', but they definitely would love to wear something represents their culture and value.
Say hi to this world in home design, but a new contemporary, polished and meaningful way.
and this would be the big big storm in the coming seasons!

Happy Chinese New Year^^

chinoiserie-inspired from:
1. interiordesign   2. ciao bruna   3. unknown   4. ullam   5. Ming Wilson   
6. photograph by Nick Knight 

7.8.10. Rodarte   9. Alberta Ferretti   11. chinoiseriechic   12.13.14. Mandarin&General

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