WUT Berlin

there are so much subcultures in Japan, all are fantastic to know more.
we always see the brands from Europe are grounding in Japan,
guys do you check out this awesome store ever?

WUT Berlin fashion store which is selling the German fashion to Japanese at Omotesando, owned by Yann Le Goec.
German? fashion?
actually I quite not so familiar with the fashion in German, although it's my dream country : p
I think it's more simple, comfortable and clean style.
and this is very cool to find out a store which selling different pieces among the market.

I like the store's interior design, it's from a perfect angle until an unfinished pretty corner.
The name of this store "WUT" which means anger,
so you all will see the tiling is in the damaged-condition,
I quite seduced by this concept;
perfection in imperfection.

young designers are the main focus in this store,
pieces which selling here is more towards to reflect the beauty and chaos in Berlin.
such as Tata Christiane, Esther Perbandt, starstyling and so on.

[check it out their cool blog too^^]

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