paisley pattern past & present exhibition by Bunka Gakuen Museum

it's not so easy to collect all the fabulous fashion pieces and share them through the post.
but I would like to write down all the precious one,
sharing them and my views towards their beautiful always.

lovely colour combo which show the paisley prints so well,
stand out the pattern with pops of yellow colour,
I think Jil Sander had bring us the great surprise in the SS 2012 collection.
the droplet-shaped makes the fabric looks live and interesting, seems like dancing so happily with others.

besides, Bunka Gakuen Museum holds an exciting exhibition about paisley prints.

"The Evolution of paisley pattern past and present"  exhibition which are starts from 27 January until 14 March 2012.
to observe and showcase how the paisley pattern evolves and growing in the pieces.

so how about paint your spring wardrobe with some paisley prints? :)
it would be the next big storm which we cant miss of.

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