Fashion Trends in Japan [January 2012]

FAShion trends in Japan.01/2012

big hello for all of my dear, another fabulous year to go...
probably we will have an end for this 2012, too : p
but do promise me that you all will live life to the fullest!

here we are for the new Fashion Trend in Japan,
since all of you lovin' this post, I decided to carry on and share with you all what's
heating on the Japan streets for every month.

let's read through now~

spotted: pearl

* pearl accessories is the big trend.
* match with top to create different style that you wish to.

spotted: stripes

* stripes all the way.

spotted: plaid

* plaid is the piece which you can't missed of.
* mix and match with socks and create the layering style.

spotted: 2-toned jacket

* 2-toned jacket.
* create fun and urban looks.

spotted: vest + shirt

* vest with shirt.
* stand out the polished-minimalism style.

spotted: cross-graphic

* cross-graphic.
* edgy prints to show the trendy fashion taste.

spotted: collar

* collar always heating among Japanese girls.
* especially the new choice; pearl-embellished collar.

spotted: ribbon

* ribbon accessories to wear.
* create a sweet look for overall.

spotted: isle-prints

* isle-prints cardigan.
* winter-y style to show.

spotted: oversize sweater

* oversize sweater.
* create the relaxing urban style.

spotted: poncho

* poncho to create a warmer look yet trendy.

spotted: crochet

* crochet sweater.
* show the sweet and light bohemian style.

spotted: studs

* studs everywhere.
* rocker chic style to show.

spotted: wine red

* wine red.
* the colour which heats every corner, try it now!

spotted: prints in patchwork

* vintage-feel prints.
* prints in patchwork design.

spotted: knit socks

* knit socks to create a layering between boots.

spotted: starry pattern

* starry pattern accessories to try on.
* find some sparkles!

spotted: heart-shaped

* heart-shaped.
* shiny colour with big heart shape!

spotted: creepers, sneakers, lace-up boots

* lace-up boots, sneakers, creepers.
* try to mix and match with these shoes to create a totally vintage up-looks!

spotted: antique nails polish

* antique nails polish.
* try vintage pattern and colours to wear!

hope you all are catching some trends which really heating on Japan streets!
and some of these are my fashion forecast too.
enjoy, love yeah! ^^
[will upload February version asap, thanks for your patience]

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