Fashion Trends in Japan [February 2012]

I brought my Canon to the service center, shutter seems like stuck when I shoot the higher speed images :(
I very enjoy in learning Japanese Language, it's interesting..
yet refreshing for me.
I wish to take some photos about the process of it,
and share with your guys^^
anyway, will do it after I get my Canon back.

so, it's another month to cheer for Japanese fashion.
let's check it out what's heating the Japan streets on this month!

spotted: floral prints

* it's time to enjoy your spring^^
* lively colour, patterns which bring you the most enjoyable season ever.

spotted: wine red

* pretty, princess and lovely colour.

spotted: khakis

* pants which are easier to mix and match with layering style.

spotted: grey denim

* grey denim to bring cooler street style.

spotted: oversize jacket + mini skirt

* great layering.
* well balancing with interesting style.

spotted: cat's kawaii prints

* lovely pattern to die for.

spotted: metallic item

* sequin makes everything shiny.

spotted: old school coat

* old school vintage style.
* match with simple pieces to create minimalistic look.

spotted: fake eye-lashes + coloured-contact lens

* Japanese girls love to have a pair of bigger eyes, so do I :)

spotted: patterned socks/tights

* patterned tights and socks make your style more interesting and street casual cool :)

spotted: unique + bright-toned bags

* brightly and shiny coloured-bag.
* especially bao bao by Issey Miyake^^

spotted: sneakers/creepers/flats

* ahhhh.. all I want now is a pair of creepers,
   and adding on with my DIY prints/embellishments :)

spotted: braided + airy hairstyle

* natural hairstyle is always the better choice to create a feminine look!

hope you all enjoy this 'late' post,
so so sorry due to my busy workload...
I'll try my best for this month! ^^

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