Fashion Trends in Japan [April 2012]

here we are for this lovely month, Spring^^
let's have a look what's trends are heating on Japan streets now!

spotted: oversize knits

* oversize knit.
* the piece which you cant missed off if you are a mininalistic-fashion lover!

spotted: denim shirts

* denim shirt.
* it's still the only love among Japanese girls!

spotted: ripped

* ripped denim.
* the best item to create a boyish style!

spotted: hoodies

* hoodies.
* we need a sporty look in this Spring!

spotted: white

* white shirts.
* the best item to create the most classic pretty colour match!

spotted: army green

* army green.
* military shirt is the new black!

spotted: oversize tee

* oversize-tee.
* to create relaxing style!

spotted: trench coat

* cargo trench coat.
* the cute piece to create a layering Spring style!

spotted: fringe

* fringe.
* I guess that Spring is the best season to be a cool cow-girl!

spotted: coloured-sleeves

* coloured-sleevs tee.
* sporty pieces to match with your sneakers!

spotted: tuxedo-tee

* tuxedo shirt.
* great cutting to emphasize your perfect body shape!

spotted: colourful jeans

* colourful skinny jeans.
* I bet you maybe in love with the skinny jeans, try some colours in this Spring!

spotted: vintage sunglasses

* vintage sunglasses.
* always the item which to create your perfect sweety vintage look!

spotted: ribbons

* ribbons.
* ribbons all the way, to create girly fashion style!

spotted: lovely accessories

* characters + lips-shaped accessories.
* try it on!

spotted: sporty shoes

spotted: thick-wedges

* sports shoes + black thicky-wedges.
* both are the must-haves which you must try it in this Spring!

spotted: colourful beauty care items

spotted: colours

* colours.
* Spring, always the seasons with pretty colours!

spotted: bow hair accessories

* mini hair-accessories.
* knots your hair with different braids, and remember adds on with some lovely mini bows..
   trust me, you will gonna love it!

creative street fashion always inspires you and me,
hope you all are enjoy the fashion trend in Japan on this month!
see you next month!
love you all^^

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