European Mode by Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum

Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum is holding a charming exhibition from 12 April until 02 June 2012.
This exhibition is related to the fashion among Europe for the last 200 years,
named "European Mode".




This exhibition which focus to show the fashion changing era and prints technology among European.
Social background changes make the fashion more variety,
and we could see the fashion style become more and more precise and young.

(Left): 1810                                               (Right): 1830

(Left): 1855                                               (Right): 1872

(Left): 1930                                              (Right): 1900

(Left): 1948                                              (Right): 1968

(Left): 1966                                               (Right): 1970

It's great to review all of the fashion style at the same time,
get a better understanding about the evolution of European Mode.

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