walk into the abyss

you will have a wish at your birthday,
maybe more than one..
I always have a little wish,
but I know it's actually a big dream which cant reach so easily.

I can think of the little wish when I have my wish at my birthday,
for everytime, every year..
and I know most of the people will think in same way, just like me.
world peace.
what's about you all?^^

I read news about Bersih 3.0 which happened in Malaysia on 28 April 2012.
it's really regret to hear that, and really sad...
I fully understand there is so much problem which cant be solved easily in a country,
even in our world.
but, I just feel so sad...
maybe there is still a way to figure out,
or maybe all of us could sit together and discuss with the problems,
or maybe there is no injury caused in the incident,
there is no maybe in this world.

sometimes, fashion has the power to make people feel better,
I found an article which is related to "World Peace Action List",
and the most interesting part: there is an action [#189] stated
- create a World Peace Fashion Line!

Could it be completed?
Does it will bring a little change to this world?

French Connection clutch





Dr. Martens ankle booties

Shakuhachi dress

I'm dreaming of these fashion items for the Spring,
maybe they could brighten our day a little bit..
who knows?

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