Fashion Trends in Japan [July 2012]

we are here for another fashion month,
have a look what's trends are heating right now at Japan streets!

spotted: denim

* how come we didn't include denim in our wardrobe when we having fun in this summer? :)
* layering style is the queen!

spotted: green

* green colour is the best choice to bring out your personality!

spotted: rocker tee & open-shoulder tee

* to create the most stylish and relaxing style,
   you will need to add on some oversize tee!!

spotted: stripes

* as you wish, stripes still the hottest summer fashion elements which
   you are not going to ignore it!

spotted: nude-coloured shorts

* bow-knotted shorts to wear.
* sweet style which you will lovin' for!

spotted: double prints

* believe it or not,
   combination of double prints is the big deal currently!
* mix your stripes with plaid, create the style you are lovin' for.

spotted: canvas bag, cutch & backpack

* I always in love with backpack,
   it bring out the loveliness of a woman!

spotted: weave-pieces

* weaving is pretty much suitable to match with the summer fashion style.
* buy a weave hat and mix with your lovely maxi dress!

spotted: platform sandals + creepers + boots

* heels not for this summer,
   Japanese want you to wear the flats as crazy as them! stylish, checked!

spotted: colourful accessories

* when you are enjoying the wonderful of sunlight,
   all the colourful pieces should come together to complete your summer brightness style!
* sunglasses, watch, necklace, bangle and earrings!!

spotted: knotted-bun

* how to stay fashionable under this hot weather?
   let's knotted a relaxing bun hairstyle!

spotted: candy-coloured nails art

* choose some brightly colour and make your nails looks cute!

spotted: cherry-coloured lipstick 

* again, don't forget to wear cherry coloured lipstick to stay summer-ish!

hope you all are enjoy the fashion trend in Japan on this month!
see you next month!
love yeah^^

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