Fashion Trends in Japan [August + September 2012]

I'm so sorry for the late post of fashion trends in Japan,
but, I'm here to share with you all:
2 months of trends which hot-heating on the Japan streets now!

August 2012:

spotted: maxi dress

* match it with sneakers, wedges, clogs!

spotted: shirt

* shirt with shorts are the perfect match to create a sweet look!

spotted: one-piece

* one piece: summer must have!

spotted: short pants

* it's time to show off your beautiful legs!

spotted: fringe top

* we want something new! top with fringe, checked!

spotted: plaid

* plaid in everything!

spotted: tie-dye

* grab a tie-dye piece now!

spotted: see-through 

* match it in layering style just like Japanese girls!

spotted: socks+ wedges + flats

* wedges always the best choice to create a summer style!
* but, match it with a pair of socks^^

spotted: beads

* beads to create a feminine style!

spotted: tattoo + nail polish 

* two of the accessories which you definitely not to missed in the summer!

spotted: loose-knot

* knot you hair loosely, make it natural!

September 2012:

spotted: floral prints

* we are heading to autumn now,
   floral pieces are still heating around Japanese girls!

spotted: flag pattern

* London Olympic 2012 brings out the flag trend, in fashion too!

spotted: sequin

* sparkle piece to create cool look! I lovin' it too!

spotted: tulle skirt

* grab a tulle skirt and match it with an oversize top!

spotted: tie-dye denim

* we are not enough for denim, here to pick a two-toned tie dye shorts!

spotted: ruffles

* one of the cute decorative design element!
* buy a ruffles top to match with your bottom.

spotted: yellow item

* yellow belt, yellow hat, yellow accessories...
   you name it!

spotted: studs clutch

* cool item which you can't missed of!

spotted: fringe

* fringe still heating on this month!
* fringe on the bag, nice one.

spotted: beret hat

* Japanese girls are liking it, maybe try one?

spotted: nerd glasses

spotted: triangle-shaped

* accessories is always the new black! try triangle-shaped in this autumn!

spotted: iphone cover

* smiley face iphone cover, checked!

spotted: metal-peep-toes heels

* heels is cute, but get a pair of metal-peep toes!

spotted: pearl-ish nail polish

* nail polishes with sparkle effects!

hope you all are enjoy these fashion trends in Japan for two months!
see you next month!
love yeah^^

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