Happy 4th July 2013!

Happy 4th July for America!
Happy for fashion too...

In this special day,
I really wish to toast to the adorable Americana fashion inspiration.
Flags-pattern, red, white and blue.

How would you style for this special day?
maybe a tank,
flag-pattern skirt,
a blue denim vest,
plus a pair of sneakers.
How do you say?

dress from Revolve Clothing

dress from outblush

jumper from PJSalvage

tee from BoyMeetsGirlUSA

denim vest from Fab Sugar

skirt from ShopFE

tank top from simdog

vintage tops from Gypsy Soul

turban from Nasty Gal

bag from Luvocracy

necklace from etsy

bracelet from VFW Store

sneaker from Converse Japan

hope you enjoy^^

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