The Most Cutest Characters' Bentos

Singapore-based mother-of-two, Li Ming prepares incredibly creative lunches for her sons, Ivan and Lucas.

Its feature all the cartoon and comic book characters which kid could dream of.
Included Hello Kitty, Mario, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, and Totoro.

hello kitty-inspired charaben

mario-inspired charaben

totoro-inspired charaben

spiderman-inspired charaben

spongebob-inspired charaben

Li Ming says she get inspiration from anything.
She first began to create these charabens (character boxes) when her son was having trouble to go to school.
"He refused to go to school and cried everyday, he was not used to the longer hours and missed me. I packed him charabens with written messages to make him feel more secure," says Ming.

hello kitty-inspired charaben

minnie-inspired charaben

minion-inspired charaben

bear-inspired charaben

kitten-inspired charaben

snoopy-inspired charaben

It's a lovely start to show love to her son, and a beautiful meet up with creative art.
I hope I can make this for someone I love in the future.

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