Awesome + Delicious Food Flags

FOOd-inspired summer style

This creative collection of food photography created by Australian advertising agency named WHYBIN\TBWA.

In order to promote the Sydney International Food Festival, which is Australia’s largest food festival. There is a million attendees and chefs from all over the world, the team re-created 17 national flags which using foods common to each nation.

Australia’s flag made from meat pie and sauce

Brazil’s flag made from banana leaf, limes, pineapple and passion fruit

China’s flag made from pittaya/dragon fruit and star fruit

France’s flag made from Blue cheese, brie and grapes

India’s flag made from curries, rice, and pappadum wafer

Indonesia’s flag made from spicy curries and rice (Sambal)

Greece’s flag made from Kalamata olives and feta cheese

Japan’s flag made from tuna and rice

Lebanon’s flag made from lavash, fattoush and herb sprig

South Korea’s flag made from Kimbap and sauces

Spain’s flag made from chorizo and rice

Switzerland’s flag made from charcuteries and Emmental
Thailand’s flag made from sweet chilli sauce, shredded coconut and blue swimmer crab

Turkey’s flag made from Turkish Delights (Lokum)

United Kingdom’s flag made from scone, cream and jams

United States of America’s flag made from hot dogs, ketchup, and mustard or cheese

Vietnam’s flag made from rambutan, lychee and starfruit

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