Breeze Shine in Summer

Summer Oh Summer I♥U ~~ xo

Beach, Sunshine, Sunglasses and a Straw Hat to complete your summer..... : )

A straw hat not only looks trendy and chic, but it make us look more fashionable and a must to make us more memorable in every fashion moments.

It could protect our hair and block harmful UV rays as well ^^

There are a lots of type for straw hat, but I like fedora the most. It's design used to be more towards man, but in recent years more and more ladies are in love with it.

Not only feel cool when wearing it : p  , the shape is also very stylish which it has become a favor for some famous celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Kirsten Dunst, Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth, Mischa Barton etc.

Nicole Richie

Kirsten Dunst

Jessica Alba

Kate Bosworth

Mischa Barton (My favourite look♥)

Here to share some little tips to choose a straw hat:
1.) If you are tall or have a slighly bigger bone structure, you may try to choose a wider fedora with design such as Brimmed/Scarves/Floral details.

For small-sized girl like me, may try to choose a smaller size fedora hat. Too big will make your overall look unbalance and make you look shorter/smaller size @_@

2.) Probably can try wearing a relaxing tops with denim/shorts/cargo pants/dress to match with fedora hat to make you look more summery and trendy.

3.) The most important is suitable your style. If your style is more towards minimalistic, maybe plain colour fedora hat can be your choice. But If you favor girly look, fedora with cute bow details would just be perfect.

with ♥

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