Fashion in World Cup - Basic look for trendy sporty style

Still unsure on how to wear out the sportive style for this summer FIFA world cup?

Lets have a look at some basic hot sportive style bring up by the world cup!

1.)Mini skirt
- Undeniable charming which highlight your figure and allow your body to looks taller.

2.)Over-sized long T
- Comfortable, match with a shorts to present the sportive look.

3.)Sporty Dress
- Dress had always been the favourite among us. After mix and match with some energetic sporty elements such as words graphic, bright colours, stripes etc., it will reach to our heart, simply love it ^^

4.)Colourful T + Jersey mini skirt with high waist
- Little sexy jersey mini skirt with high waist, plus a colourful T to highlight your body, but still able to keep the sporty leisure style.

Fashion In FIFA World Cup :

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