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Normally the life span of bra can be calculated in this way...

Wear a full day calculated as one time.

Usually, a bra can stay in shape between 90 times, means if you wear the same bra everyday, it can stand for 3 months.

If you wear it once a week, means it can stand around 1 year and 10 months.

Its unlike our daily groceries which have expiry date, but after a long time, the bra's flexibility or elasticity will drop significantly.

The shape of "bra-steel-support" will change as well, this is the time to throw away the bra. Do not feel a waste, the maximum lifespan of a bra is 2 years, try to match your bra with your style and occasion to lengthen the life span...a little... : p

Besides, if your lingerie's border laces had loses its flexibility or does not fit your closely, this would be to signal to throw it.

**Bra have 6 stages??
In our life have different stages : young teenager, 20 - 30's, 30 - 40's, 40 - 50's and above 50's. Plus the weeks before and after our period.

All of the above causes our breast size to slightly changes, please threat "them" nicely, and carefully choose the best, only choose the best for them. ^^

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