A touch of accessories

When wearing accessories, we must be give extra notice (most of the time) and try not to "combo-it", means, if necklace, earring and bracelet all are the same material, texture, pattern etc will make you look "too-much"...

If you wish to wear gold with gold or silver with silver, must look at the overall colour matching to make you look fashion and trendy.

For me as an example, I love silver accessories and wear it as combo, but my face is a bit rounded, even worse where I love to wear big round earring  =_=" as it will widen my round-face~~LOL

So, how do I solve this?

I try shift some "round" attention from my rounded face >.<"  to the necklace.

I chosen a silver-heart-shaped necklace WITH SHINNY ELEMENTS such as little small diamonds that is just right at the point to shift the attention on my round-face and big-heavy-round earrings to the necklace.

♥with my heart-shaped silver necklace + round shaped earrings♥

Here I attached 3 kinds of necklace which have the effect of lengthening your overall look  ^^ :

40cm - 50cm "Y" Necklace (around your chest)

Double Layer Necklace.

Wave Necklace

So pick your favourite accessories which suit you best : )

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