White Shirt

Hope to be fashionable and attitude? But does not want to have too much accessories or several pieces of top?

Maybe we can try the simple white shirt, it sure have the value for us to staple it in our wardrobe.

It's charming and elegant where it can show 2 kinds of beauty :


Normally when we wear it to office and work, it make us look like a successful-working-woman, "tough", "steady"...

How about the leisure way? It will create the feel of relaxing and bring out the beauty of neutrality.

Although the white shirt of Jil Sander, DKNY, Chloé or Lanvin is pretty expensive, but it really worth the price or maybe we could seek for affordable brands such as UNIQLO, MUJI or MNG.

White shirt has also been the favourite for some celebrities to walk the street with different styles, such as : -

i.)Neutral or boyish look
ii.)Feminine romantic look
iii.)Simple and straight forward look etc.

Keira Knightley

Alexis Bledel

Sienna Miller

Kate Bosworth

Jennifer Lopez

Here I would like to share some little tips on different styling on this wonderful item - white shirt.

1.) Need certain skill when role-up the sleeve ^^.
- Roll-up the sleeve randomly to create the "leisure" feeling, unbutton 2-3 buttons, match with a little
wide-surface watch. Simply fashionable!

2.) Cardigan + white shirts is a more normal style, but it's one of the style which can show the beauty of women intellectuality.
- For example, I like how the Korean model - Hyue Kyung matching a white shirts with cardigan. It is simply gorgeous and interesting!!♥

3.) Match with vest, jeans or pants, dark colour heel.
- To present the beauty of neutrality.

4.) High-waist mini skirt + white shirt + red/gold colour heels.
- Transform you into a sexy and graceful lady.

Below is my suggestion set where
white shirt are tucked into skinny jeans + heels + belt + leather shoulder bag + watch :

*if you have styling for the white shirt, can upload to my Facebook page and share with me?^^♥

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