The Wings of Mix and Match

Here are the 8 winners for my group's third contest - "Mix and Match".

I would like to share opinions and thought from my own point of view towards the sets.

Please discuss and comment at the end of this post, let us learn form each others. : )

Polyvore Contest - Mix and Match

1st Place

Love the tank top with tiered skirts and bring out the feel of summer sweetness.

The sandals had become a great balance element to soften the heavy feminine style and create a new sense of relaxing.

2nd Place

At first, I think it may just be a fancy flower print top, BUT...

She had geniusly match with a leather shorts, truly bravo~~

All of the sudden, the overall feel become stylish and trendy where the wedge had smooth-en the over heavy orange colour. Nice match!!♥

3rd Place

A little bit fancy pattern's top, match with a little sensational korta shorts and ballet flats~~

The overall feel become playful, bright and sweet young.

4th Place

Gentle ribbon design top match with sparking shorts and silk blazer.

"Feminine" had been redefine, a sense of cool. Plus the pair of white sandals, surely allow the girl who wearing it feel the power of confidence.

5th Place

Pastel colour floral prints top match with a vest + flower cut accessories on it, very unique and gentle.

Add on a little "boyish" cargo pants, had suddenly make the overall style looks clean, straight forward and neutral~~

Nice matching!

6th Place

Delightful colour matching. A very strong summer-nautical feel.

Cotton tank match with white shorts or white jeans is indeed a very stylish matching.

Cardigan and heels had make the overall look more elegant and refreshing.

7th Place

2 layers style.

Nicely chosen to wear the bold orange colour tank and add on a over sized shirt, had presents a very eye catching 2 layers!!!

Match with linen shorts and flats, create a relaxing overall feel...with attitude... : )

8th Place

Although the overall colour matching had more on bold pink,

but she had nicely used the black sandals and clutch to soften the overall and create the sense of layers.

Great set!

Thanks, the above is my personal opinions towards the winner sets, can always contact me here or in Polyvore to have little discussion~~thanks♥

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