Fashion in World Cup - 2 Major Trends : Long Dress / Short Skirt

4 teams left~~so who will be the winner? O,o

Back in fashion, there are 2 major trend "competitor" fighting for the attention during this summer : 

Maxi Dress Vs Mini Skirt.

Decided which to wear when hanging out with friends for the game?in club?at house?or...?

No matter where you go, try to bring out the best of you. So, let's see how it fight for our attention...

Maxi Dress
- Perfect piece for your casual-outing-day to occasion-party-night.
- Casual, glamour and mostly make of light fabric which is comfortable.
- The most important is try NOT to have too much accessories, if you wear a floral prints maxi dress, try to focus on ONE accessories, in my opinion bangle would be the best answer.

Taylor Momsen

Olivia Palermo

Leighton Meester

Jennifer Aniston

Vanessa Hudgens

Mini Skirt
- Most of the girls like it.
- High-waist mini skirt is in trend where it give the feel of vintage.
- When wearing a mini skirt, try to focus on one spot which is your leg. It may seem a bit too much if your cleavage is been focused as well...  XD

Lauren Conrad


Taylor Swift

Victoria Beckham

Selena Gomez

*As I had touch on mini skirt on, I would like to share the story and person behind mini skirt before I continue on the post - "Shorts - Summer + World cup trend".

Fashion In FIFA World Cup :

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