Fashion in World Cup - Dress Up

Sporty style is hot! Along with the world cup frenzy, it is getting even hotter under this summer.

Wish to wear out your own sporty style?

Below are some must have elements ^^

1.)Flip flops
- Very sporty although its not one of the sports equipment.
- Comfortable and easy.
- Able to create the playful and sporty look.
- Refreshing style.

- MUST HAVE for summer / sporty look.
- Stylish and edgy.
- Relaxing style.

- Shirts / Jeans
- Casual and not too busy.

4.)Rucksack / Big shoulder Bag
- Stylish
- Cool item
- Convenient.

Share some celebrities in sports wear... XD

1.)Lauren Bosworth
2.)Dakota Fanning
4.)Nicole Richie
5.)Ashley Tisdale
6.)Emma Watson


I try to create another sporty look with :
- ADIDAS cut-off shirts
- Jeans
- A pair of flip flop
- Nike Fly Club Rucksack.

After posting this, I am so excited to go out for the World Cup Final, enjoy~~ bb^^

Fashion In FIFA World Cup :

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