Little Story of Mini Skirt

1925, a French designer - Paul Poiret, the earliest mini skirt designer.

During that era, knee is something they hide, not exposing where exposing the knee is sort of like a "taboo".

His expose-knee-design had shocked the society, extreme questionable where in the end he failed to gain social acknowledgement for the mini skirt.

But later on, 1950, an England designer - Mary Quant published the expose-more-than-knee "super-mini-skirt" again.

She stunned the whole world even more, but this time it is in a positive side and successfully gain social recognition.

Especially Twiggy, she loves the mini skirt and had become the person who actually bring out the hot trend of mini skirt where a lot of teenage girl even try to mimic her by starting to lose weight just to fit into the mini skirt.

Until now 2010, its loved by the world which include me ^o^v ♥

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