The Wings of ♥Mix & Match with Skirt♥

Here are the 8 winners for my group 6th contest --- ♥Mix & Match with Skirt♥

I would like to share opinions and thought from my own point of view towards the sets.

Please discuss and comment at the end of this post, let us learn form each others. : )

1st Place

* Stunning blue colour match with a little touch of gold.
* Classy and elegant style.
* A unique match polka dot dress with a tired skirt.

2nd Place

* It's so so "Blair Waldorf"  LOL~~ >.<
* Gorgeous outfit to wear.
(Why it's gorgeous?No why, because I am Chuck Bass~~~ wahahahahaha!!!! just kidding XD)
* Lady-like style with combination of black and nude colour.

3rd Place

* So wearable.
* Simple yet stylish street style.
* It is so perfect that floral skirt match with cardigan.

4th Place

* So lovely outfit with a pair of fabulous heels.
* A pretty floral print skirt with a plain tank just adorable like a little princess.
* Suitable for a night party.

5th Place

* Passionate and charming colour match.
* Vintage and feminine.
* Match with a metalic blazer makes the person who wear this outfit more intellectual and pretty.

6th Place

* Attractive and colourful outfit.
* Delight and hopeful style.
* Suitable for day-out.

7th Place

* So cool and wild looks.
* Big city style.
* Love the ruffle top with the skirt and trench coat, perfect for night-out in a beautiful city.

8th Place

* Lovely and pretty brown colour outfit.
* Girly but a little bit sporty style with a pair of sneakers.
* Young and playful wear for a hang-out with friends.

LOL, I found a software(BannedStory) which can create miniature cute style like above, with pets!
Quite fun ^^♥

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