Victoria Beckham Collection Advertisements

Victoria Beckham - This girl had know better of herself in making her fashion line stand out in the public and express her abilities.

Had been very interested in her fashion line collection's advertisements.

Although the ads content is a bit "weird", but it had given us unlimited inspiration. I think this may be what she wish to tell the world about her fashion concept.

~ Innovative, conceptual and unlimited inspiration ~

Let's enjoy ♥

Victoria Beckham Denim S/S 2010 Ad

*She ingeniously uses the ballet concept to convey her denim's soft, comfortable feel and highlight the feminine denim's silhouette.

Great ad!~+♥

Beside this ad, she also have some outstanding ads for her fashion line.

Victoria Beckham Spring 2009 Ad

*The ad concept seem a little "weird",  but very interesting with the concept of hide and seek to bring out the clothing line's message of easy, simple but playful.

Victoria Beckham Dresses Collection Ad Campaign - Gallery

*Those girl took off their shoes and run to have the message of free and unrestrained.

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