Walking the Light Florals.

This mint green floral prints dress was the day wear for my little brother wedding.

Extremely obsessed with floral prints, especially with Fall 2010 collection of Anna Sui and DKNY. Their art and craft movement prints really awesome!♥

Little tips on floral prints dress :

1.)If you have pear-shape-figure, try to choose a smaller prints, as big prints will create an illusion of bigger hips and widen your body.

2.)If you want to try something more than a dress, maybe can add on a cardigan which have the same/almost length as your dress. This allow your overall 'layering' become more significant and solid.

3.)Heels aren't the only option for you to look taller, gladiator straw wedges can be a more suitable choice for this summer (hot trend) as it's simple, easy and yet dignified.

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