Wave of Socks & Heels

Socks & Heels, it may seem like a "dumb-look" for most of the people, but it indeed make itself to the runway and become a style where 50's retro chic had once again wave in 2010.

Had familiar with 'Naked Foot + Shoes'...

How about 'Socks + Heels'? It does push the fashion world little further towards perfection.

Among them : Burberry, Christian Dior and Alexander Wang had impressed me the most.

Burberry Prorsum RTW Spring 2010
- Easy and graceful.
- Elegant and little feel of 'the-girl-next-door'.

Christian Dior RTW Spring 2010
- Luxury noble style.
- Metallic and beaded socks had allow the femininity to stand out.

Alexander Wang Resort 2011
- Simple cutting + Stunning sense of design + Socks = Strong personal identity.

Let's get some inspiration to wear this trend from stylish celebrities :

Leighton Meester


Alexa Chung

Little tips :

♥ Darker colour's sock allow your ankle to look slimmer.

♥ Either fancy socks or fancy shoes, do NOT mix them together >_<"

♥ When you decide to socks + heels, try not to choose shoes which is TOO rock such as with a lot of studded.

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